Beginner Student

Harmony between rider and horse, safety and fun are the main priorities. Lessons are taught on the student’s horse or on a school horse. Students are started on the lunge line in a private lesson to allow the instructor to assess their riding skills and balance. Students learn how to groom and tack their horse, develop their riding skills and take care of their horse/tack after riding. The goal is to enable each student to learn to walk, trot, canter, halt, back and perform lateral movements. The emphasise is to have the students communicate with the horse primarily by using their body. Dressage training allows the rider to:

  • Use the lightest aids to communicate with the horse
  • Improve the balance and suppleness of the horse
  • Navigate obstacles, trails, jumps, and cavellettis
  • Ride safely in a group
  • Develop their own balance

Riders accepted at age 6, no upper age limit.

Advanced Students

Riding lessons continue to focus on harmony between Rider and Horse as the Rider advances through each of the dressage levels on their horse or a school horse.

    Cost: Lesson Rates effective April 1, 2019


    30 Minutes Private Lesson $60 + $30 (if use lesson horse) = $90
    45 Minutes Private Lesson $90 + $30 (if use lesson horse) = $120

    Group (2 max)
    45 Minutes Lesson $50/rider + $30 (if use lesson horse) = $80

    $25 Charge for cancelled lesson without 24 hour notice

    Trailering in Ring Fee (non-lesson) = $30